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I am Working with Incredible Innovators on Health Technologies.

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Brian Meshkin, Living a Life That's About Something Bigger Than Himself

If you were to ask serial social entrepreneur Brian Meshkin, Managing Partner at Profound Ventures, to tell you about what is important in his life, he would probably spend a moment thanking you for your kindness and then tell you in his contagiously enthusiastic way about all the good things happening, ranging from his kids’ activities as a proud dad, his community service and volunteer activities, and professionally how he’s working with incredible innovators on health technologies with the potential to save hundreds of thousands of people from various ills such as opioid addiction, chronic pain, heart failure, and cancer.

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March 29, 2022

Types of Social Enterprise.

    Often overlooked, social entrepreneurship examples have a social mission and a commercial goal. For example, a startup in Sierra Leone provides solar energy solutions to the country’s poor communities. A local coffee shop, in turn, can help disadvantaged youth with employment and education. Overtourism is destroying the environment and marginalizing the local community. […]

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